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I have been following & admiring The British Craft House for a good few months now.

It is in a nutshell a website showcasing many British artisans and their handmade products. A place you can browse and buy all in one place. I watched this beautifully curated platform grow and develop into something wonderful and at quite a speed too.

Here is a little bit about Susan Bonnar, aka Dottie, the lady behind this community of award winning British crafters. Turning her hand from Royal Navy air traffic control officer to crafting and producing cards and albums which proved to be a hit. She decided to turn this into a passion of bringing crafters together online after struggling to find the right platform for her own products and so the The British Craft House was born.

I decided I would love to be involved but didn’t get my hopes up too much as they have a very high calibre of craftsmanship and they ensure there isn’t too much overlap to create a unique selection of artisans.

Two days after submitting the application, I received an email to say I had been accepted as a seller on The British Craft House. I was over the moon.


There are so many crazily gorgeous items to be had that it will pretty much solve all your birthday and Christmas pressies all in one hit, not only for your friends and family but yourself too. Win win!

A final word, if you are a crafter, why not give it a go. Be a part to The British Craft House family?

Lou x

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