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Hi, I'm Lou, a wood-burning and pyrography artist hence the name - New Ember.

I create wooden homeware artwork with my designs. My pieces all have a practical use within the home and so my motto is ..


After many years as a recreational artist, I began to lose interest in the medium of paint. It soon became apparent to me this was detrimental to my mental health and well-being as I had no creative outlet.  

It wasn't until two or three years ago I felt it was time to get proactive and look for a new canvas to work with and combined with a long-term love for wood I thought I would try Pyrography - the art of wood-burning. It took me to a whole new world of creating my designs onto wood. It was tough at first but I persevered and fell in love with it. I have now learned how to add more detail by combining different methods including engraving to produce a range of burns to recreate my designs perfectly. I have even added text as a different element and to add a different dimension

My handmade range is made from sustainable bamboo and locally sourced wood, from grazing platters, large oak door blocks, chopping boards, keyrings through to candle columns (holders) amongst other items. I also have a bamboo range which is extremely hardwearing and of course sustainable obtained from a family run company in Somerset using highly ethical & eco-friendly practices.


My influences first and foremost are my father and professional artist John Donaldson teaching me to see the world through artistic eyes from a young age. That coupled with my love of nature and, in turn, inspiration. Thanks to my beautiful Devonian rural and coastal surroundings, my passion was born. As an artist this makes each item an individual piece of artwork in its own right, using my particular style.

Thanks for popping by and feel free to browse my store.

Lou | New Ember