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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

What about a Gift Card

Lets take the stress out of choosing a gift for someone and let them choose instead as its the hardest thing choosing a present for someone, right?

Well now New Ember offers an E-Gift Card

This is a great solution if you are struggling to decide on a present.

You can simply select the chosen amount you want to spend and the recipient will receive an email telling them you have sent them a gift card with their unique code. They can then redeem it at checkout and what's more, they can also pay the difference if the products cost more.

A taster of what would be available.

It's so Simple.

Once you have purchased the gift card the recipient will receive an email letting them know about it. They will have a unique code that can be activated at checkout.


As you may know, I am a wood-burning artist however I have recently expanded into a new realm of creating products from scratch using predominantly recycled wood. To be able to create something beautiful from something that was potentially on the scrap heap is so satisfying.

These one-off pieces of artwork are now available online - head over to the Handmade page.

From Coffee Tables to Doorstops


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