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Is your bamboo board looking a little dull?

Not a problem ... Bamboo is a sustainable and hardwearing alternative to traditional wood boards. Yes, technically bamboo is a plant, not a wood. However, it does need the love and care you would show your wooden board.

Show Your Board Some Love ..

Here is what you can do to revitalise and protect your board, don't worry - it's quite simple.

So you know already not to immerse your board in water but it's fine to clean and dry it after each use. Oh and no bleach or abrasives. Now just add food-grade mineral oil, best used a little warm to really absorb into the board. I just use a piece of kitchen towel and rub in a circular motion to give it an even coverage. Don't forget the sides and back. This will not only moisturise your board just as cream does for your skin but will provide a barrier for the bamboo.

I use Brandon Bespoke Mineral Oil - to view or buy click H E R E

I would suggest this should be done approximately once a month.

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