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I find that I am sat in front of a monitor or staring at my phone to carry out everyday online tasks which I love to do but sometimes when things go wrong digitally it can be extremely frustrating. This is when I dig out my faithful #journal – pen to paper can be a refreshing change from the loading circle.

One of my favourites is the #LEMOME journal!

OUTSIDE | This A5 notebook has a brown leather cover with a grey spine that has a handy pen holder as well as an elastic strap to hold the journal shut when not in use

They have beautiful quality journals with a choice of paper layouts. I always go for the bullet as I love to add doodles, hand-drawn titles charts etc. You can also choose a grid, bullet or line depending on your preference.

INSIDE | The paper quality is second to none – a creamy coloured thick leaf so if you like a bit of colour the felt tips don’t show through to the next page.

Attached to the spine is a grey ribbon page bookmark and inside the back cover is a handy pouch. I just cannot fault it. I have a couple but have also bought them for the family too.

I have also bought them as presents if I am stuck for ideas, who doesn’t need a notebook!

Although I have to say I am a sucker for a journal so you'll probably see another blog post about another journal before long!

Whats your favourite?
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