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Is it just me or do people get really wound up when you mention the word!

I personally love it, always have and always will. My view of Christmas is not that of materialism.  It seems for some it may be a sad time, lonely or hard time but the general consensus seems to be that of utter disgust.

This time of year should not be about feeling under a constant pressure of not having bought Christmas cards let alone written them or not applying for a small mortgage to cover the costs of the presents. This is all wrong.

Take a step back everyone.

Think about the more rustic way of life. Learn to appreciate the simple things. I see Christmas time as a time spent with Family, a time to relax and enjoy the simple things. As you have probably already gathered I love to get creative. Now, this could be anything from making mince pies to Christmas cards to small personalised gifts.

It would be nice for others to feel the same sense of joy when the ‘C’ word is mentioned rather than the barrage of negativity that I am usually greeted with!

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