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The decision is made so the time has come to make this a reality.

I love to learn – every day if I can.

So where do you start to build your own company? I figure my beautiful leather Lemome journal would be a good place. I started to sketch out some of my ideas as well as write down my thoughts and #ambitions. Also setting up a new blog website to record it all like a diary I suppose. It’s all a learning curve, a very exciting one I might add.

One thing I love to do is keep learning which can be varied such as burning designs on to a chunk of wood or learning coding for the website, as long as I’m learning I don’t feel I’m wasting my time and my brain is engaged. I am no good at committing time to watch TV each night particularly a three-hour film. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I wish I could just switch off but it’s not my way.

I am a great #believer in keeping your mind healthy and your body will be healthy too.

How do you switch off?

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