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These creations are one of my main products that I do. My first attempt at Pyrography was on my candle cubes.

I bring those old fence posts posts lying on the ground back to life

I hadn’t tried Pyrography before but one of my hopeful career choices as a young woman was to be a traditional signwriter. Not the sort using computers and cut vinyl lettering but painting the wording on by hand using a mahlstick, I didn’t fulfil that particular career. The idea of burning the lettering gave me the same buzz more rustic and authentic effect. So with that in mind, I thought I am going to give this a whirl. So after purchasing a Umitive Pyrography Pen, I set to it. I used the small practice coasters, to begin with, and found it okay apart from the tool getting quite hot to hold if you need to do a lot of fine work.

What design would you like to see on a Candle Cube? Feel free to comment below

On my wood pieces however, is a whole different story. The grain plays a massive part in where the pyrography pen can travel on the surface. So this is harder than I anticipated but still an enjoyable process and I think the end product works well, don’t you?

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