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How can I make my own brand packaging?

One of the things I promised myself I would try and sort out was a bit of a revamp for the New Ember packaging. I didn't really feel I had bought it together very well with different types of wrapping and tags that didn't really work.

As most are suffering during this Pandemic money is a little tight so thought I would give this

a go myself. The trouble is that my products vary so much in size that no generic packaging would work.


I adore my logo designed by Cairn & Grace and want to use it on all my products .

So I have gone for a simple option but think it has bought my brand together using just two components.

  1. Large white card

  2. Rubber stamps (of various sizes) from Stampit

I have gone for a very simple design in the respect of just using a strip of white card that simple wraps around each item and fixes to itself at the back. I then add my stamp onto the front of the strip in the centre. Job done!

I would love to hear your comments below. Do you think the packaging works or do you think it looks unprofessional?

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