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So as I mentioned before once the decision was made to carry out this dream of mine to make creativity my career, the next question on my mind was where!

Obviously, the overheads have to be low to zero so renting a workshop or unit was out of the question. The only option was our little garden shed but if you popped you head through the door you would have thought

“not going to happen!”

Or at least that was my reaction but sheer determination prevailed.

The thought filled me with dread! How do sheds have this uncanny knack of filling up to the brim without you realising? So the big clear out began. I had a plan – the right side of the shed would be all of house and garden items would be located and the left side (with the windows) was to be mine.

Wow! That process was quite an undertaking and weirdly therapeutic at the same time. So several tip trips later and a lot of clever reorganisation I could see a bench, now called the Work Bench.

Let the creations begin.
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